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Thanks for checking out the FibroTrack online fibromyalgia management system! FibroTrack has been designed and built specifically to aid individuals struggling with fibromyalgia in building a proven effective individually tailored treatment approach.

The FibroTrack system offers tremendous capabilities designed to assist patients in gaining a deeper understanding of how fibromyalgia is being manifested in their bodies and lives. Fibromyalgia is an elusive foe. Symptoms vary tremendously from patient to patient and treatment actions that are very effective for one patient may do nothing for another. Effectively managing fibromyalgia requires a focused effort aimed at researching and testing treatment options through an ongoing process of trial and error in order to eventually determine which combination of treatment actions will yield the best possible results for each patient. FibroTrack is designed to facilitate and empower this process!

The video below reviews the mobile companion applications that make up one part of the FibroTrack system.

FibroTrack Mobile Applications

The mobile applications for FibroTrack (iPhone or Android device options) are “companion apps”. This means that the mobile apps are not intended to be fully functional stand alone versions of FibroTrack. The simple reason behind this is that the limitations in screen size, memory and processing power that are inherent to mobile devices prohibits the full functionality of FibroTrack being utilized.

Mobile FibroTrack is designed to enable the user to easily input key data such as treatment actions, symptom details and social networking functions – anywhere, anytime. All of the inputs done through the mobile applications are saved to the same secure central database where they can be evaluated later through the main FibroTrack web application.

IMPORTANT:  The FibroTrack mobile applications do not function on a stand alone basis! Downloading and installing the mobile applications without a FibroTrack membership is pointless – you cannot login  t to the mobile application unless you already have a FibroTrack account login ID and password. Step one is to join FibroTrack, then download the mobile application.

It should be noted that the main FibroTrack web application is a browser based system. The full feature web version of FibroTrack runs very well in the Safari browser thus making it accessible via an iPad or Android tablet device that offers a larger screen than a cell phone. One of the most effective ways of using FibroTrack is through a tablet device. If you really want to impress your doctors – share FibroTrack with them on your iPad!

Joining FibroTrack!

After over 18 months in design and development, the FibroTrack system is finally complete and ready to help you improve your fibromyalgia treatment efforts!

If you think FibroTrack may be useful in your efforts to better manage fibromyalgia, please click the FibroTrack logo below to learn more about FibroTrack. We are offering HUGE discounts for a limited time only during our special “Launch Offer” promotion. This pricing will only be available to the first 500 people to sign up for FibroTrack. PLEASE – if this is interesting to you, if you think FibroTrack may be able to help you, do not delay and miss out on the launch offer pricing! Click the logo below to learn more about the FibroTrack system.

FibroTrack has been specifically designed to aid patients with fibromyalgia in maximizing their treatment efforts. Why not check out for yourself how FibroTrack may be able to help you figure out what really works – for you as an individual!

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