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Online Fibromyalgia Management System

Online Fibromyalgia Management

Thank You for taking the time to learn more about the FibroTrack online fibromyalgia management system! FibroTrack has been built for the specific purpose of helping fibromyalgia patients to manage an ongoing proven effective self-management process.

Multiple research studies have demonstrated that participation in structured support groups can be an effective means of increasing the effectiveness of fibromyalgia treatment efforts.

Individuals struggling with fibromyalgia often suffer from isolation and feelings of hopelessness that can be traced to a lack of interaction with others who understand what they are going through. Family members and friends typically have a hard time relating to the fibromyalgia patient who faces difficulties trying to explain their condition to people who may care about them deeply but who lack an understanding of the challenges posed by fibromyalgia.

The video below reviews the comprehensive support group features built into the FibroTrack system.

Online Support Groups

FibroTrack leverages the detailed user profile information that is collected to help match users to each other for the purpose of forming an online support group. The system does not automatically assign members to support groups, but rather FibroTrack offers suggestions for possible support group matches.

Support group members inside FibroTrack are able to review each others detailed symptoms data, treatment programs, treatment actions and reports. These tools help support group members to engage in a proactive and positive process of helping each other move forward toward the most effective individual treatment possible. Accountability is a proven effective means to facilitate engagement in an ongoing self-management process and FibroTrack support group members are empowered with social networking tools and notices that help keep each other up to date on progress.

Joining FibroTrack!

After over 18 months in design and development, the FibroTrack system is finally complete and ready to help you improve your fibromyalgia treatment efforts!

If you think FibroTrack may be useful in your efforts to better manage fibromyalgia, please click the FibroTrack logo below to learn more about FibroTrack. We are offering HUGE discounts for a limited time only during our special “Launch Offer” promotion. This pricing will only be available to the first 500 people to sign up for FibroTrack. PLEASE – if this is interesting to you, if you think FibroTrack may be able to help you, do not delay and miss out on the launch offer pricing! Click the logo below to learn more about the FibroTrack system.

FibroTrack has been specifically designed to aid patients with fibromyalgia in maximizing their treatment efforts. Why not check out for yourself how FibroTrack may be able to help you figure out what really works – for you as an individual!

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