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FibroTrack Social Networking

Online Fibromyalgia Management

Thank You for making the effort to learn more about the FibroTrack online fibromyalgia management system!

Learning to effectively manage fibromyalgia is a complex process. FibroTrack has been designed to simplify and empower the means through which patients engage in effective treatment actions. An integral part of the FibroTrack system is helping members to better engage in a positive, proactive community of individuals focused on the same core goal: getting better!

The social networking functions built into FibroTrack are designed to aid the user in building relationships with other individuals working to improve their fibromyalgia management skills. The system provides many tools to aid users in helping each other. The video below provides a detailed introduction to the FibroTrack system and it reviews the core social networking features. Please watch the video, it will provide you a much clearer understanding of how the FibroTrack system works!

The Ring Page

The “Ring” is what we call the main members home page inside FibroTrack. This is the home base for your ring of support and where most of your FibroTrack activities take place. The ring messaging features function as the primary place where you can input thoughts, reminders, general notes and messages for other members or your support group buddies. The Ring messaging also offers Facebook and Twitter integration.

User Profile

The User Profile section of FibroTrack serves a very valuable function. This is where we collect detailed demographic data and information about your fibromyalgia including details on other conditions you may be struggling with, your family history and your current primary treatment focus. We use this information to help make suggestions to you about other members who may be a good fit for your online support group. IMPORTANT:  All of your personal information is kept strictly confidential! We never share any personal identity information with any outside party and only those FibroTrack members you authorize through the sharing rules can see the profile data you input.

Care Team Contacts

FibroTrack provides tools to help you manage and communicate with your care team. You can input all of your care team contacts, provide ratings and reviews and search the FibroTrack database for care providers input by other users. Using the FibroTrack “Care Review Invite” function, you can grant any of your contacts inside FibroTrack with direct access to all of your symptom and treatment information. This feature can greatly enhance the quality of care your team is able to provide!

FibroTrack Tutorials

Learning how to to effectively use the FibroTrack system is easy. We provide detailed, step by step video tutorials that walk you through exactly how to use all of the features built into FibroTrack. Overall the system is very intuitive with simple point and click interfaces, but the video tutorials make mastering all of the functions incredibly easy.

Joining FibroTrack!

After over 18 months in design and development, the FibroTrack system is finally complete and ready to help you improve your fibromyalgia treatment efforts!

If you think FibroTrack may be useful in your efforts to better manage fibromyalgia, please click the FibroTrack logo below to learn more about FibroTrack. We are offering HUGE discounts for a limited time only during our special “Launch Offer” promotion. This pricing will only be available to the first 500 people to sign up for FibroTrack. PLEASE – if this is interesting to you, if you think FibroTrack may be able to help you, do not delay and miss out on the launch offer pricing! Click the logo below to learn more about the FibroTrack system.

FibroTrack has been specifically designed to aid patients with fibromyalgia in maximizing their treatment efforts. Why not check out for yourself how FibroTrack may be able to help you figure out what really works – for you as an individual!

Please click the FibroTrack Logo below to learn more about FibroTrack!


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