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Thank you for reviewing the symptoms tracking functions inside the FibroTrack Online Fibromyalgia Management System!

Keeping accurate and consistent symptom records is a fundamental part of an effective fibromyalgia management effort. Symptoms tend to vary greatly from patient to patient. Symptoms also typically come and go, often without easily identified causes or triggers. Fibromyalgia symptoms may also appear as a result of negative reactions to new treatment actions and symptoms can interact with each other in negative feedback loops.

Fibrotrack empowers users with the ability to quickly and easily keep consistent symptom records and to share their symptom details with their online support group and care team. Through being able to provide doctors and other care team members with easily accessed and detailed symptoms information in a reporting format that makes evaluation and analysis both easier and more effective, FibroTrack users can dramatically improve the quality of care they receive.

The video below provides a comprehensive review of exactly how symptoms are tracked within FibroTrack and it reviews the means through which literally hundreds of symptoms specific treatment options are made available for research purposes.

Tracking All of Your Fibromyalgia Symptoms


FibroTrack has all of the major and minor symptoms associated with fibromyalgia built directly into the system. Users can also create custom symptoms! The help contents associated with each symptom includes a brief description and links to comprehensive articles about the symptom. The help contents also include links to possible treatment options including dozens of prescription medications and links to relevant dietary supplements, alterNatural Medicines Comprehensive Databasenative remedies and treatment therapies from the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database!

FibroTrack aids users in tracking not only symptoms, but other critical factors such as sleep and the negative impact fibromyalgia has on key aspects of day to day life. All of the symptom data tracked inside FibroTrack serves to enable a process of measuring the effectiveness of different treatment options the user chooses to test relative to targeted symptoms.

Joining FibroTrack!

After over 18 months in design and development, the FibroTrack system is finally complete and ready to help you improve your fibromyalgia treatment efforts!

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FibroTrack has been specifically designed to aid patients with fibromyalgia in maximizing their treatment efforts. Why not check out for yourself how FibroTrack may be able to help you figure out what really works – for you as an individual!

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