“Fight Hard” vs “Fight Smart”

by on April 2, 2013

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Many skeptics and members of the “Fibro Ignorant” feel that individuals with fibromyalgia could recover if they would only try harder. They observe that many with fibro do not exercise, are significantly overweight, have terrible diets, live a fundamentally unhealthy lifestyle and appear to be doing very little on their own to get better. They conclude that laziness and apathy are the root cause.  Many believe that individuals with fibromyalgia have brought the condition on themselves and they suffer simply because they refuse to do whatever is required to get in shape and get healthy.

It’s easy to understand why the fibro ignorant come to this type of conclusion. Our society and culture view hard work as naturally leading to positive results. Individuals who put forth massive effort and leverage extreme tenacity are rewarded with big success. This is true in sports, business and many aspects of life in general. Determination and fighting to our utmost ability for things we desire are core values to our culture.

The observation by many that people they know with fibromyalgia do not appear to be fighting hard is both correct and in error. There is no denying that a percentage of individuals with fibromyalgia do not exercise, are obese, eat a horribly unhealthy diet and in fact do little on their own to try and get better. But why is this? There is no one answer. For some, it boils down to the effects of chronic pain and depression plus a lack of education and understanding about what is going on in their bodies and actions they can take to try and correct it.

For most however, the reality of fibromyalgia is that just living day to day with fibro is a monumental effort. Fibromyalgia leaves its victims with a very limited amount of normal “go juice” to distribute on a daily basis. Exceeding the limited amount of energy and focus that patients have available often results in a giant fibro flare-up. Pushing harder and trying to use tenacity frequently backfires bringing on the opposite result from what is desired!

Yet, not fighting hard to do all of the things that make up an effective self-management effort means that the odds of a patient recovering are minimal. Getting better is up to you.

This is a terrible Catch-22! Fighting too hard will make you worse but not fighting hard enough will prevent progress. How do you deal with the reality of not having enough energy and focus to accomplish daily everything you need to be doing? Is it impossible to fight hard enough without pushing too far?

Fight Smarter

Fighting Smart Enables Fighting Harder!

The title of this blog posting is a trick. Fighting hard and fighting smart are not an either / or proposition! With fibromyalgia, the two tactics should be simultaneous and symbiotic. Effectively fighting smart will increase your ability to gain results from your limited capacity to fight hard by ensuring that your hard fighting is targeted in the best direction. You must get everything possible out of your limited ability to fight hard!

Well structured systems and defined processes form the core operating principals for all successful organizations. They are required to achieve the best results when dealing with any complex ongoing effort. Corporations, Government and high achieving individuals all rely on quality systems to help them best direct their focus and efforts. If you are fighting fibro and you want to recover – you must do the same!

I hope you will check out the ultimate tool and system for fighting smart – FibroTrack. But regardless, if you wish to make the most of the fighting hard you can do, you need systems and well defined processes to guide you in fighting smart!



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