Your Guide to Treating Fibromyalgia – Free Ebook!


Step by Step –  A Personal Approach to Managing Fibromyalgia

If you suffer from Fibromyalgia and you have struggled to try and figure out how to effectively treat your Fibromyalgia symptoms, this ebook was written for you.

Though there is no cure for Fibromyalgia, effective treatment is possible. The difficulty is rooted in the very nature of this syndrome. Fibromyalgia tends to manifest itself differently in each patient. Symptoms vary in frequency and intensity. Individuals respond to treatment efforts differently. A treatment option that may be very effective at reducing symptoms for one patient may do nothing for another. These challenges collectively make treating Fibromyalgia a nightmare for doctors and patients.

This difficulty is magnified by the sheer volume of potential treatment options. There are numerous prescription medications and pain medications that are commonly used. Exercise has proven to be very effective but also very difficult to determine which exercises work best for each individual and how to implement an effective exercise program. Dietary supplements can also be very effective, but there are literally hundreds of different options. Dozens of treatment therapy options are available, but how does one determine which therapies offer the best hope for them? Given that experts suggest a combined treatment approach that will consist of a combination of all the above elements – how does one figure out which combination will be best for them?

These questions and many more are addressed in this ebook. Your Guide to Treating Fibromyalgia is not another book that will throw brief details about hundreds of possible treatment options at you leaving you more confused than before you started reading. While the book does discuss many treatment options, the focus of this book is on helping you develop and implement systems designed to help you build  a process of researching, testing and validating different treatment options with the goal of building a proven effective individual treatment program over time. This ebook is about “How” to approach the management of Fibromyalgia.

Experts and Researchers widely agree that Fibromyalgia demands a strong “Self-Management” approach. This sounds good… but how does one go about actually doing this on a day to day basis? This ebook is all about what an effective Self-Management program is, how to design such a program for yourself and how to manage it on a daily basis.

Over 80 pages in length with numerous diagrams and examples – Your Guide to Treating Fibromyalgia can serve as the foundation for changing your approach to Fibromyalgia treatment and start you on the path to taking control over your Fibromyalgia and getting better. 

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